January 24, 2012


Nudity as protest. Simple, cheap, and it attracts plenty of attention. Plus, you get to take your pants off.

Doukhobors in Grand Fork, BC


Ms. Moon said...

Why is it that being nude while surrounded (or faced) with the clothed is so...humiliating?
We're all naked under our clothes, so to speak. And yet, don't we all have those dreams where we find ourselves in public naked?

downtown guy said...

Although that's usually true, in some cases (like this one) I feel like it is the clothed that feel humiliated. "What are you hiding?" is not always an easy question to answer.

Ms. Moon said...

Wow. Again you have turned me on my head and made me think.
Which you have been doing ever since you came into my life.
Another reason I love you so.