April 2, 2015

A Leap in the Dark

Nowhere to go but up.
Paris, France - 1960 - LA BOITE VERTE

April 1, 2015


Nah, nah, I'm cool. I'll just stay down here.
Charles Broley - Florida - 1950s - Florida Memory


There's nothing playful about this. It's serious business.


Whose room was it, do you think?
Riverside, CA - 1968 - Are You In My Photo

March 31, 2015



From One Viking To Another

Wagner's got a lot to answer for.
1960s - petethepunk1

Cokey Snake-Proof Boots

Jobs I am glad I have not got.
Rattlesnake Milking Demonstration at Ross Allen's Reptile Institute
Silver Spring, FL - 1964 - Ipernity

Up A Tree

That's some good climbing. I bet their feet hung out of that tent.

An Affair

Pretty sure she can see us.
Germany - 1969/1970 - White Columns

May 19, 2014

L. Agassiz

The human experience, summed up.
San Francisco, CA - 1906 - HistoryPin

May 2, 2014

An Interesting Party

The gents, from left to right: Experienced, Protective, Willing, Judgmental, and Already Secretly Fucking Like Bunnies Every Chance They Get.
Jesse Cress

Oblivious to Attack

Someone should have warned them.
Flushing Meadow, Queens - 1964 - FFanzeen

December 28, 2013

Rooftop Boating

People will do anything to get out on the water.
NYC, NY - 1950 - National Archives

Tarzan, is that you?

Riding an elephant in a water ski show - haven't we all had that dream at one point or another?

Civilian Conservation Corps Map

The best thing about this map - and there is much to be praised - has to be the two CCC guys holding the shield. We need to reintroduce art to public works.
Schenectady, NY - 1937 - Grems-Doolittle Library Connection