June 7, 2011

one way to tell her

If I ever found myself in the position of running a gay bar, I would call it Open Secrets.

Philadelphia Gay Pride
1972, photographer Kay Tobin Lahusen
from NYPL


Ms. Moon said...

For some reason, Open Secrets reminds me of the time back a LONG time ago when Mother asked me if I thought that Liberace might be...you know. One of the gays?

downtown guy said...


Andrew said...

Mom sounds to be such a dear one.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I love this.

Ms. Moon,
My grandmother swore until her dying day that Liberace was not gay. I used to laugh at her ass. She even had a picture of him in a frame. She was "sweet" on him.

I told her, "Grandma, Lee wouldn't want to bone you. No way. You'd gross his ass out. He's obviously not into vaginas."

downtown guy said...

Andrew: she could be overjoyed!

SB: Rock Hudson was another that grammies hate to admit played for the other team.