November 9, 2009

kissing at the punk house

What we miss with photography is the loud music that I have no doubt was playing. I especially like the bird he's only half paying attention to shooting.

from wally's picasa stream


B.E. Earl said...

I love that Motorhead is in there as well. And what looks to be comic-book art all the way on the right.

But is that a malt liquor he is drinking?

Ms. Moon said...

This is so far removed from my reality that I can't even comment. Oh wait. I just did. How was camping?

downtown guy said...

BE: What punk doesn't love Motorhead? They were even on the Young Ones.

Mama: Camping was excellent. The weather couldn't have been better if it'd been special ordered.

white rabbit said...

Yup - This guy can play tonsil hockey without spilling his can of beer.

An impressive talent I'm sure you'll agree.

downtown guy said...

Well, he is Irish.

honeyluna said...

Yup, I think that birdie tells a lot.