September 7, 2009

Street food stall in Seoul

I often have dreams in which Tallahassee has a night time food stall area, usually down near Gaines and Railroad. How great would that be?

Seoul, Korea
from chris's photo stream


Ms. Moon said...

Fried catfish sandwiches? Collard greens? Macaroni and cheese?

downtown guy said...

Sure, and stir fry and burritos and don't forget my pie cart.

May said...

This reminds me of when I was in Ghana and we'd go to the night market where the ladies had these huge tables filled with food and you'd just point to what you wanted and they would wrap it all up in a giant banana leaf for you to carry it off with and eat it. Um um um! I have often wished we had that here.

downtown guy said...

Why don't we? I'm gonna look into the permits and shit needed to sell food in a stand, print them up in simple form, and start handing the info around.