September 7, 2009

The Kon-Tiki at sea

I sort of feel sorry for folks who grew up before the 1940s, because they didn't have Thor's raft to pilot in their imaginations.

somewhere in the Pacific Ocean
1947, Getty Images, Inc.


Ms. Moon said...

Oh sweetie- I did not know that Thor lit your imagination the way it did mine.
I love this new site of yours.

downtown guy said...

I remember sitting on the floor at the old Northwood library, flipping through The Voyage of the Kon Tiki and being amazed. I'm sure you suggested I look at it.

May said...

High up in the trees lives the Kon Tiki! Kon Tiki! Kon Tiki, Kon Tiki!

downtown guy said...

Kin Tiki means happiness!