December 9, 2012


I believe these young fellows have just come from hooligan class.

Reykjavíkur, Iceland
1909, photographer Magnús Ólafsson
@ The Reykjavík Museum of Photography 


Nigel said...

Now that's a class I WOULDN'T want to teach.

jdg said...

a striped shirt under a waistcoat is the hooligan uniform.

Ms. Moon said...

Little boys with old man eyes.

mr. downtown said...

Nigel: But they things they would teach you.

jdg: Indeed. They look like a Charles Addams drawing.

Mama: and big sticks.

May said...

One kid made a tombstone and a lamp. This does not bode well.

mr. downtown said...

I like the two kids that worked together to make an ax handle.