November 2, 2012

Oak Apple Day

This photo sent me off to the Great Wishford entry at wikipedia, which is quite small but amazingly deep in trivia. 
"Set into the wall of the church is a series of nine engraved "bread stones" that record the price of bread from 1800 until 2000." 
"Visitors to Great Wishford can stay in the village at the post-office..." 
"On this day, Great Wishford villagers claim their ancient rights to collect wood from Grovely Wood." 

 Great Wishford Magna, Wiltshire, England 
 1974, photographer Homer Sykes 


Ms. Moon said...

I'm sorry. I still don't understand. But I will say this- signs used to be a lot neater and more awesome than they are now.

downtown guy said...

It's a tiny little English town that was a hamlet in 1609. Every year they reassert their right to collect wood from the local forest. It's a big to-do.

May said...

Grovely is lovely. I would like to stay at the post office and go to the big to-do.

downtown guy said...

Hear, hear. I wonder how they keep overnight guests from reading the mail.

May said...

Maybe you get to sleep on the mail!

downtown guy said...

So many papercuts.