July 28, 2012

The Family Neptune

The family that dives together, thrives together. 

Esther Williams and family, mid-1950s
somewhere in Florida


Ms. Moon said...

New favorite. Merbabies. LOVE!

Nigel Featherstone said...

Great photo! I remember doing this with my father. It was my favourite thing to do in the pool. He seemed so big back then, but now I'm middle-aged and he's in his later years, well, things have changed.

MissMiriam said...

Possum of the Sea?

downtown guy said...

Mama: Yeah, I really liked this one on sight.

Nigel: Funny how people shrink.

MissM: welcome. You comment made me laugh.

Mrs. Hall said...

my kids hang onto daddy's back and dive to the bottom of our pool like this. a good 10 feet (it's an inground :)

downtown guy said...

I seem to recall doing that, but it could be a false memory. We were constantly in the water, though.