October 8, 2011


This is what my house will look like when the war gets this far. Except without the guns, because I only have the typewriters.

Oliver typewriter ad


Ms. Moon said...

Well, you better getcha one of those hats.

downtown guy said...

I'm going to get a tiny one for Baggy.

A said...

Oh, man. I don't understand this, but it makes me queasy.

wv: hotrack

downtown guy said...

best word verification ever

May said...

Dammit! Mama and I are so the same person! I was going to say that you better stock up on hats.
I watched a neighbor play a video game tonight wherein he got to pick up treasure chests and plants and shit... he came to a typewriter and I said, "Pick up the typewriter! Do it!", but he couldn't. "Game? Fail." I said, and came home. I thought of you.

downtown guy said...

If there was a game about me, picking up typewriters would be part of the whole point. Grand Theft Typewriter.