August 25, 2011

Psychic Duels

The listed caption says, "Here Chief Wi'ishi is showing techniques of psychic duels." Well, I had to know about that, right? So I googled around and found this. Check out the pdf version for a little more info. Were I the photographer, I'd be scared.



x-ray iris said...

4 paragraphs in, and WOW. 1935.
Learn something new EV'ry day.
Now back to the reading...

(P.S. This reminds me a little bit of a RE/Search Laboratories kind of thing, & also the song "Terms of Psychic Warfare by Husker Du (umlaut in there somewhere))

leilalatex said...

So that's really really cool.
I want to print out a bunch of copies of that and just leave them in random spots, with the photo at the top.

downtown guy said...

Iris: I hadn't thought about RE/Search in a long time.

Leila: guerrilla history lessons.

Ms. Moon said...

Okay, first of all:
"Village chiefs arrange for the affairs in advance and pay for them by an elaborate system of banking, using shell wampum for money."

Secondly: "As for the medicine man's ability to raise the dead, Dr. Harrington finds, while that is impressive to hear about, it actually is not an example of psychic power, either on the part of the Indian doctor or the patient. It is merely an accident, when it happens."

Yeah- I hate when that happens. When I accidentally raise the dead.

downtown guy said...

Why does that keep happening to me?