August 3, 2011

Book of Job

The little details on this one make it fascinating to me. Giant cricket?

Illustrations of The Book of Job
1826, illustrator William Blake


Ms. Moon said...

The story of Job always makes me respect god less.

x-ray iris said...

William Blake! What a fabulous being.

downtown guy said...

Mama: it doesn't exactly show him in his best light.

XRI: you now, I am really only getting familiar with him now.

x-ray iris said...

William Blake!
(Wow. I just noticed that I typed it exactly the same way the first time. Evidently his name is always followed by an exclamation point in my mind)

It is said that if you happened to drop in on the Blakes, you just might find them sitting naked in the garden reading or painting. Creative and natural. Simply astonishingly wonderful, simple yet deep.

There's just so much--I have had two classes wherein I studied him and I just think he is a treasure of humankind. And still I know very little, and I would love to find out more.
If you haven't, yet, find a copy of his illustrated Songs of Innocence and Experience. Also: Dead Man by Jim Jarmusch. And the short story "The Erl-King" by Angela Carter. Oh dear me, why didn't I just become an English Lit professor? Ah well.

So glad you are back. Your blog does remind me, often, of how wonderful vivid curiosity is, in life.

white rabbit said...

Wild Bill Blake - what a guy! He lived near my south London stamping ground and I always loved the idea of him and Mrs Blake sitting naked in their 'Lambeth Bower' reading Milton's 'Paradise Lost' to each other.

As you do.

downtown guy said...

Heck of a way to pass the time.