June 3, 2011

all in a line

What was the rest of this kid's life like? It's always funny to think about how normal anything can seem when that's what you are used to.

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A said...

The way I wander from blog to blog, clicking on commenter after commenter, is exactly like this picture. I've held hands with a monkey (who took the initiative and reached for my hand, actually) and it was weirdly familiar and unfamiliar, simultaneously.

Ms. Moon said...

I see Owen there. I see exactly what you're saying and sometimes that is a good, good thing- to perceive as normal that which is unusual to a beautiful degree.

downtown guy said...

A, in what situation did this hand holding take place?

Mama, yes, I was thinking of our family there.

A said...

I was a little kid, and I'm not sure what kind of park we were visiting but monkeys were walking around freely and one walked up to me and took my hand and just sort of strolled with me for about five minutes. We were almost the same size.
It was much longer than I wanted to hold hands but I felt shy about pulling away (lest it cause hurt feelings? not sure, but something like that) so I waited until he or she let go.

downtown guy said...

That's officially the cutest story I have heard all day.

honeyluna said...

That picture is cute, that story is cute.
I think there has always been apart of me that wants an ape as a really good friend. We'd spend time looking for fruit, making faces at each other, and of course picking through each others hair. Sounds like one heck of a good friend.

downtown guy said...

That is basically what Taylor and I do.