May 20, 2011

Psych-Out Freak-Out

I grabbed this one because the image is, frankly, awesome. The staring eye! The naked band! The spanking! But then I looked up J. X. Williams and found out that he was a blackballed, mafia-funded underground/porn director who's now withdrawn from public life*. And now I have to share with you his filmography:

The 400 Blow Jobs (1964); Peep Show (1965); L'Homme La Femme Le Film (1966); Hollywood Play Girls (1966); E.S.P. Orgy (1967); Supermaniacs (1968); Mondo Vietnam (1968); The Phantom of the Cinema (1969); Norwegian Wood (1970); The Virgin Sacrifice (1970); Prison Girls (1972); kaboom! (1973); Sex Crimes of the 21st Century (1974); L.A. Death Trip (1975); Morrie (1976); You Axed For It (1978); Nunf*cker (1979)

ESP Orgy cover
from retro-space's flickr stream

*this is probably actually a big hoax, but I'm still a fan  -
any number of people wrote stroke books for Greenleaf Press under the name


B.E. Earl said...

You had me at Nunfucker.

downtown guy said...

Exactly my reaction.

x-ray iris said...

The image is, frankly, awesome.

The 400 Blow Jobs! hahahahaha this guy was really tuned into the Zeitgeist.

x-ray iris said...

oh lawdy I just read the tagline at the top of the book--and in the words of that one dude from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls "it FREAKS me OUT!" hahahahaha

downtown guy said...

I keep reading it as LSD Orgy, but that's a whole different thing.

daddy b said...

i love that me and nunfucker came to be at the same time.

downtown guy said...

Seems fated to be.