May 28, 2011

King Neptune and Company

Does going to sea make you do crazy things, or does wanting to do crazy things make you go to sea?

USS Soestdijk, on the Equator


Andrew said...

Have you ever seen the Certificate the US Navy used to give out to Sailors who crossed?

It's pretty impressive!

Steph(anie) said...

Crazy is as crazy does.

Ms. Moon said...

I suspect that crazy people move to where the sea is and then they breed more crazy people and thus, the cycle continues forever.
Those pictures- whoa!

downtown guy said...

Andrew: No, but I looked them up. Very cool.

Steph: So often true.

Mama: Hence, us.

jdg said...

I just like the idea of the USS Soestdijk having a craft supply closet.

downtown guy said...

Hey, you're at sea for a while, nothing to do - scrapbook!