May 20, 2011


They look like the last two creatures in the world.

Pelican Island NWR
Sebastian, Florida
1907, photographer George Nelson


x-ray iris said...


Also, I like that fella's trousers, and his boots, and his kindly eyes. The 'stache is incomparable.


John M. said...

don't need nothin' but my hat and my bird

Ms. Moon said...

I've seen Pelican Island close-up. I think it was one of the very first federally protected wildlife areas. I wonder if I went to school with one of that guy's descendants. (Man, no bird.) Beautiful picture, great find.

downtown guy said...

x-ray iris: His eyes are sort of amazing.

John: and mustache.

Mama: I was wondering if you knew this place. The guy's name was Paul Kroegel.

Mel said...

This picture is so tender and melancholy. They do look alone in the world. Good find.

downtown guy said...

Thank you, I like that. "tender and melancholy" - exactly.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Yes. You got it exactly right with your caption.

downtown guy said...