April 6, 2011

the simple things

I dreamed one night that my tiny little apartment complex had a pool. It was one like this, or in a California motel in a movie, kidney shaped. I was carrying out a towel and a cooler and saying, "I'll spend all summer in it." I'm still disappointed.

Looks like Cali to me


leilalatex said...

Well, there's always the pool at the apartment complex like two blocks away from your place. It's pretty decent and nobody seems to bother to ask if you live there.

Ms. Moon said...

As Owen would say, "Nie!"
Sorry it was only a dream.

downtown guy said...

Leila: but can you imagine how chill the Fives pool would be? And can imagine the pool parties?

Mama: Nie indeed.

Ms. Moon said...

Where would they put the pool?

downtown guy said...

We'd have to give up our parking lot. I am okay with that.