January 11, 2011


I remember first reading about this place in the pages of Big brother Skateboard Magazine more than 10 years ago. It's a big skateboarder/artist/punk/bluegrass colony out in the boondocks. Lots of naked skating and blowing shit up for the fun of it. Looks like a hell of a time, but I sort of feel like everyone there is going to suddenly grow donkey ears and start braying.

Somewhere in Ohio
2009, photographer Morgan Ashcom
led there by uncertain times


Ms. Moon said...

No thank-you.

downtown guy said...

Yeah, I can't imagine that being your scene.

Steph(anie) said...

So that's Skate-topia, not scat-topia. Or maybe both.

downtown guy said...

I knew that looked wrong. A little of both.

leilalatex said...

Hahah! My friends go there every once in a while. They always come back with good stories.
My friend is a calculus professor at GMU/crazy punk rock girl and had a sweet romance there with some crusty traveler from North Carolina.
Seems like a fun place.

downtown guy said...

It always looked that way to me.