January 28, 2011

The Futura

Ever notice that the letters you use to spell TYPEWRITER are all on the top row?

Royal Ad
Late 1950s


A said...

What a cool observation. I miss my typewriter. All my typewriters.

Mrs. Hall said...

i miss my brother word processer. it had a screen where you could type stuff out, then it would print things via a daisy wheel typewriter wheel.


I could even save things on disks!!

good times, good times!!

Ms. Moon said...

I think I got that exact same typewriter when I went to college.
And no, I had never noticed that all of the words in "typewriter" are on the top row. But they are.

Steph(anie) said...

My high school class was one of the last to use typewriters instead of computers in typing class. I still remember the teacher telling us it was okay to have music on while we typed, but to never type with the TV on. Fail.

That typing class turned out to be more useful to me in later life that almost anything else I did in high school. Three years of French? Pretty much a waist of time.

downtown guy said...

A: I simply love typewriters.

Mrs. Hall: I wrote a big chunk of a terrible fantasy novel on one of those as a pre-teen. I wonder if I still have any portion of that.

Mama: I hear that was done deliberately so typewriter salesmen could do that quickly.

Steph: Good advice from your teacher. I don't like to have the tv on if I'm typing letters to people, for instance.

A said...

Before I learned touch typing, which wasn't until my next to last typewriter, I had, for several years, a tiny portable with a French keyboard. I'm pretty sure the top row didn't have what it takes to spell out machine à écrire, but now I'm curious. I thought keyboards were designed according to how often certain letters were used together. The machine on which I learned touch typing was an IBM QuietWriter. It laid print onto the surface of the paper so lusciously. That machine was like a portal to other worlds. Maybe it was the fumes of the toxic ink it used.... delicious. My little French portable was stashed in my barn that burned down. I have a sad photo of it amidst the ashes.
Typewriters. Stories. And yeah, that high school poetry---it wasn't half bad, actually!

downtown guy said...

Poor little French portable. It's true, I'm a typewriter fume addict myself.

May said...

Do you own this particular typewriter?
It has a familiar face.

downtown guy said...

No, but I wish I did. It looks friendly.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

No, I didn't notice that. Then again, I don't notice dick.

downtown guy said...

I bet dick is one thing you would notice, if it was just out there.