December 10, 2010

The Mildred

That looks so fake, I can hardly convince myself it's not a special effect.

Carrying slag from Newport to London
1912, in the book Shipwreck by John Fowles


Ms. Moon said...

It looks fake because it is so perfectly level. Hard to believe it could go down so evenly.

downtown guy said...

And the ground must be flat as hell.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

That is AWESOME.

downtown guy said...

I think so, too.

May said...

Where the hell was the photographer? On another boat? In the rigging? Up the mast? How did she sink? Holes in both sides? This whole thing spins me.

downtown guy said...

It says, "Struck under Gurnard’s Head in thick fog at midnight, April 6th, 1912. She was carrying slag from Newport to London. When she began to
pound broadside on, the captain and crew launched a boat and rowed along the cliffs to St Ives. The Mildred, Cornish built and owned,
was launched in 1889." So my guess is they were on the cliffs when they took it.