November 27, 2010

Practicing Homosexuals

When the government gets involved in who's screwing who, it just winds up in sillies. This is from a state-created pamphlet about homosexuality in Florida and SHOULD WE BE CONCERNED and WHAT CAN BE DONE. Of course, not long after that it was being sold on the streets of NYC as porn. What can you do?

Homosexuality and citizenship in Florida
aka The Purple Pamphlet
1964, created by Legislative Investigation Committee
but mentioned to me by my friend Anna


Steph(anie) said...

I wish the angle were more straight (ha!) on so we could see more of what's on the other side.

downtown guy said...

Glory holes always seemed silly to me - a little like those sheets certain religious types are said to screw through.

ElizabethLynn said...

Standing up guy seems the very definition of "ennui." Yeah, there's a guy on the other end of my thang. What-ever."

ZenGato said...

I agree, it is awful and something should be done! I am here to help but need to complete more research. Once they send my more photos I will decide what to do.

downtown guy said...

The both of you made me laugh. This is why this committee lost their funding.

Ms. Moon said...

It's hard to deter a practicing homosexual.