November 3, 2010

Did anyone order a snake?

In case you were worried, they kept him as a pet for a few days - named him Lurch - before he escaped and went his way. Can you imagine what this sucker looked like to some kid from the Midwest?

Loc Ninh, Vietnam
1967/1968, photographer Steve Fortenberry


Ms. Moon said...

Mutual of Omaha. I saw the same snake on that show that same year. I'm pretty sure. It ate a calf.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

This kid from the Midwest could fucking puke. GAG.

downtown guy said...

Not a snake fan, then?

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Nah. One of my regulars (older guy who looked like Robert Goulet), when I tended bar years ago, was not only a musician who played with Kris Kristofferson, but was also a Vietnam vet, who told me what an awful snake-phobia he had. He was raised in KY with snake handler/holy rollers and was not only totally grossed out by that (the snakes often bit the handlers), but then had to go for cover in place in Nam that had unusually large disgusting vipers. We were such kindred spirits that I even took on his phobia. I'm quite serious. That, and the Indiana Jones scene did me in. I feel similarly about sharks. Thank you Steven Spielberg.

If I didn't love all of you Moon-Thigpens so much, I wouldn't even consider visiting Lloyd. But, I must. And I shall!

My ass shall overcome.

downtown guy said...

If you make it down for Thanksgiving, I'll protect you from snakes.

May said...

Okay, 1) Is SB possibly coming for Thanksgiving?! and 2) Gak! Put it down! It is too loopy and horrible!!

downtown guy said...

It sort of looks like they are pulling up terrible snake-patterned weed vines.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Unfortunately, no, I am not going to make it for Thanksgiving. I'm staying to have Thanksgiving with the Viking, who just got hired on full-time where he works and has no vacation time yet.

I was planning on trying to come. It just didn't work out. I may be 80 when I actually make it (laugh), but I will be coming eventually. I promise.

I guess we wouldn't have gotten much quality time to talk with a house full of people anyway.

I love y'all.

Ms. Moon said...

Ms. Bastard-Beloved. Just pick a date. Like, oh, I don't know- April 24, 2011. Then make it happen. We'll be here. It'll be awesome.
Love...Ms. Moon