October 3, 2010


One of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen. I have literally had dreams like this.

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from J. Yyuenger, which you should already be following


Ms. Moon said...

Unbelievable. Wow. I don't have enough wows.
Those tiny divers, running. Amazing.

downtown guy said...

I'm trying to find out what ship this was.

May said...

This is a gorgeous picture. It's so haunting. It's what a real ghost ship looks like to me.

I think you have better dreams than I do.

downtown guy said...

To be honest, I think I have better dreams than a lot of people. But I have to tell you, the ocean is usually full of sharks and giant waves in my dreams.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

That thar is some awesomey shit!

downtown guy said...

That is exactly true.