October 31, 2010

Halloween Visitors to the Oval Office

Strange days indeed. Most peculiar, mama.

Caroline Kennedy, President Kennedy, and JFK, Jr. at the White House


Ms. Moon said...

I believe I had that same witch costume. I am serious.

downtown guy said...

I believe you. But did you have a wee black kitten to go with it?

Ms. Moon said...

No. A dog named Snoopy. And I would go trick-or-treating with the Fergers and we got to sit on the tailgate of their hideous old brown station wagon as we went to different neighborhoods. It was fucking awesome. Except for that damn mask. I hated that thing.

May said...

I like how hard he is laughing. I wonder what the little one is saying.

downtown guy said...

Those plastic masks always sucked.

May: I dunno, but his big laugh is the reason I grabbed this one.