October 29, 2010


I often dream of dried up lakes, rivers with their beds exposed to a grey sky, wrecks uncovered, boats left leaning.



Ms. Moon said...

And those dreams come to you naturally.
Love you, baby.

downtown guy said...

I want to know why the water is so low here - is this normal for the area?

May said...

Did I ever tell you about taking the little boat across the biggest man-made lake in the world in Ghana? It was silent as the grave and you could still see the roofs of the drowned villages down below, and the dead trees stuck out of the water like skeleton hands.

downtown guy said...

No, but that's amazing. Did it freak you out?

JRSM said...

Oh, you need to read 'A Wrinkle in the Skin' by John Christopher--massive earthquakes rearrange the world's surface, and the narrator walks across the suddenly empty and dry sea bed from the Channel Islands to Britain, with tankers and other boats strewn about the landscape.