September 9, 2010

Soldier of the Sod

As a society (and this sounds a little silly), we've really taken the beauty out of necessity. Yes, We Can, but we Do because we Must. We're not encouraged to keep with it because of the honor and joy associated with working for and with each other and for the betterment of all mankind. Does it take an enemy like Hitler to bring that out in us, or just artists like Wyeth?

Propaganda Poster
1942, artist Andrew Wyeth


ZenGato said...

In modern times? It takes an enemy like Hitler, because (as a society) we have lost all appreciation for art, what it means and what it can evoke in us. Sad times.

grapfhics said...

No, I don't think so. When the towers were struck on 9/11 there was outrage, but we were told to go back to what we were doing. It was the perfect opportunity to instill patriotism to rally and fight against evil men and their evil causes. I remember hearing a song that was used to rally Americans in the 2nd WW, I have not heard it since nor a new song that can do the same today. We were told not to worry, we were safe, the government would take care of this. So what went wrong? The government chose an easy mark, a stooge, evil as he was and one we should always remember as evil, we chose to go after Saddam Hussein.
Now after almost 10 years we are still fighting against evil people who are committed to their cause. I guess we're still committed to ours, spending money and letting the government take care of it. This is a shame, we could have done so much.

downtown guy said...

We weren't told not to worry at all. We were told to worry constantly, be ever vigilant, pay attention to the "terror levels". We were told to go back to what we were doing, as long as what we were doing was basically buying anything and voting Republican.