September 8, 2010

Ella Wesner, male impersonator

More drag kings should wear fezzes, especially if it winds up looking this dapper.

New York City
1880, photographer Napoleon Sarony


m said...

I thought that was Sigourney Weaver.

May said...

Nothin' wrong with a fez, that's my thinking. Now if you could find a picture of a wee cat wearing one, or perhaps just one to put on my wee cat.

downtown guy said...

M: You're right, she looks just like her!

May: Remember Hothead Paisan and her cat Chicken? Perhaps you could make one for her:

Ms. Moon said...

Her left eye is male. Her right one is female.

downtown guy said...


As Quentin Crisp put it: "Male and female created He me."