September 17, 2010

Bike tyre used as a swimming aid

This picture reminds me of my Granpa Fish. A smart and handy man, he was known for cutting pieces and strips from busted inner tubes and using them for just about any little project. I even found a mention in his war journal of him using car inner tubes to seal the cracks around his door while he was in camp in the Pacific in WW II. Anyway, I think these clever folks would tickle him.



Ms. Moon said...

And they look pretty tickled themselves.

downtown guy said...

I bet it worked well, too.

May said...

I think that would chafe in the crotchular region. Oooch! Still, pretty smart. I almost drilled a hole in my toothbrush just the other day.

downtown guy said...

Might tug some. I think the guy on the right came up with the idea.

I'd forgot about holes in toothbrushes!