August 30, 2010

Something Missing

A couple things:
- apparently, the white American family tree starts in pirate rape and works its way up from there
- I don't see any redheads here, so where did Howdy Doodie come from up top?
- isn't this really more of a family bush?
- seriously, this shit is some kind of white.

"Family Tree"
1959, illustrator Norman Rockwell


Ms. Moon said...

Just put your apron on and bring out the Aunt Jemimah pancake mix and stir up some real American hotcakes!

B.E. Earl said...

The second "couple" down on the bottom...the woman has orange-y/red hair. That ginger gene might skip a few generations, but you can't get rid of it.

May said...

There's clearly an Indian Princess in the mix. She married Ol' Whiskers McGoo, over there by the dour couple.
You gotta love a family tree that starts with pirate rape! (That seriously gave me the giggles.)

downtown guy said...

Note that both sides come from the pirate rape. Yankee, rebel, cowboy, or puritan - it's pirate rape all the way down.

May said...

Every time you say pirate rape it makes me laugh.