August 27, 2010

sleeping on the sidewalk

Michael Faraday, John Gorrie, and Willis Haviland Carrier, hallowed be thy names.

New York City
from Ephemeral New York, which is a very cool blog.


Mrs. Hall said...

I remember sleeping in my second floor apartment-it was an old crappy house with no AC. I got hand foot and mouth disease (google it, it's fun stuff) from that house NO LIE!

but, I remember walking up with a puddle of sweat pooled right underneath my chin, above my adams apple.


maybe I should have slept outside :)

Ms. Moon said...

I've had nights like that and there was nothing fun or charming or good about them.
Yes. Bless all those men.

downtown guy said...

I recall nights in Atlanta, when I was living in an attic space, when I would sleep buck naked, no sheets, completely spread eagle on the futon because even to touch my own skin was a hot misery.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I love this.

downtown guy said...

Love the picture, but I would hate the reality.