August 27, 2010

Father and Son Christian Bikers

Is it just me, or does that boy look scared shitless?

1988, photographer Mary Ellen Mark


B.E. Earl said...

Is it me, or does that Jesus shirt look like a Pepsi logo?

Ms. Moon said...

The LAST generation? Why are so many Christians so damn excited about the end of the world?
And yeah, that poor baby boy. I hope he's found his own way in this big world by now.

Holly said...

Yeah I think the Jesus shirt is meant to be a knock off of Pepsi's now-extinct logo and slogan.

I love Mary Ellen Mark. She captured so many American underdogs. She even photographed the KKK up close and personal.

downtown guy said...

One of the best things to come from doing this blog is that I've never taken much notice of individual photographers before, and now I'm learning a ton.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

The little boy likely has reason to be scared. I would be.

downtown guy said...

I sort of am right now.