July 19, 2010

rear cover

Burt No Pants! Some of my friends do this at parties.

Hot Line: The Letters I Get... And Write!
from Awful Library Books


Ms. Moon said...

I will always love Burt. He's an unrecognized comic genius in my eyes.

Steph(anie) said...

I like vintage Burt. Contemporary Burt has gone a smidge overboard with the plastic surgery and the nuts.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Ms. Moon,
I feel the same way. Dude has a hairy butt, too.

May said...

I love this picture because it's such a girlie pose. I bet you could find many a girlie pic just like this. Also, I love Burt Reynolds. He was the best thing about that stripper movie.

downtown guy said...

May: yeah, the nothing-on-but-a-jersey look is one of my favorite girlie poses, which is probably why I just had to post this one up for y'all.

Ha, Burt. I'm a fan, even now. The Longest Yard is still my favorite football movie.

ElizabethLynn said...

Burt: "As you can see, here is my fine, fancy ass."