July 10, 2010

hearing test

Worst roommate ever?

Sioux Falls, SD
from Augustana College's Facebook feed
This photo suggested by my friend Anna.


Ms. Moon said...

Quite possibly although my college roommate loved to play John Denver on her stereo. She did grow up to be GW Bush's Secretary of the Interior so there you go.

Anna said...

Yes! I love the miserable look on the other roommate's face. It is probably how you would look if someone was playing a trombone in your ear.

This Augustana is in Sioux Falls, SD, though... :)

downtown guy said...

Mama, I had a coworker that played him constantly, and they day he died I almost had to kill her over it.

Anna: is there another campus? because I just pulled the location off a web site. I'll fix it! But yeah, this one cracked me up. Poor guy.

Anna said...

Hank, yes, there are two Augustana Colleges. They used to be one, but then the Swedes and the Norwegians started fighting and the Norwegians started their own Augustana and moved it to South Dakota. I went to the one in South Dakota.

Also one of the pennants on the wall says "Garretson," which is a little town right by Sioux Falls, the city where my Augustana is loated. So it's for sure the Augustana in SD.

downtown guy said...

Oh, I didn't doubt you, I just didn't know there were two. Fuckin vikings, always fighting.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I hope the sonofabitch in front of the horn isn't hungover.

downtown guy said...

Oh, man, that would hurt.