June 24, 2010

Flood in Pittsburgh

Hey guys, let's go downtown and check out the flood. I haven't got a boat, but we can ride in this casket!

(Make sure to click on this one for the full effect.)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
from Library of Congress


Sarcastic Bastard said...

I'm up for it, or is it down? I'm down for it!

downtown guy said...

If the casket sinks, we'll all be down for it!

Ms. Moon said...

No, you'll drown for it.

downtown guy said...

I can swim at least as far as the sidewalk. Unless the sewer gators get me.

May said...

That was me on my way home yesterday, sans casket! Aieee! My kingdom for a casket! Haha, some dumb motherfuckers were stuck in their cars on Franklin. That is a bitch.
Also- y'all all made me laugh.

downtown guy said...

I saw that flood and almost called you to make sure you made it home okay! It is always amazing to me how quickly and completely Franklin can fill with water. Build a road in a river bed, you get a wet road.