June 8, 2010

Easter Sunday

It is really no wonder that rock'n'roll came as such a revelation.

from eks4003's flickr stream


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Boy, he's adorable, ain't he?

Ms. Moon said...

Owen needs an outfit just like that. That limp candle sort of makes the photo, doesn't it?

rockygrace said...

ha ha, Ms. Moon, I was just thinking, "they really need to get some new candles!"

downtown guy said...

That's what happens when you buy candles but never burn them. Mom, I think we had those same candle holders.

It's his little bow tie and the way he is holding that record that make this one for me. You know that 15 years later he had a fringed vest and was rolling a joint on the cover of Cheap Thrills.

Ms. Moon said...

I sure hope so.