June 15, 2010


As a national sentiment, it sure beats the hell out of "Drill, baby, drill!".

Leslie's magazine cover
1916, artist James Montgomery Flagg (fitting last name)
from National Museum of American Illustration


Ms. Moon said...

So the ideal American woman was a really strong Swedish woman with a scowl on her face and a sword in her hand and something funny on her head? And hey- that flag is definitely touching the ground.

downtown guy said...

Heck, in 1916 they'd just got over the idea that the ideal woman should wear a bustle. Side note: this is the same artist that did the iconic "Uncle Sam Needs You" poster.

May said...

I wore an American flag like that once. Looks just like me. (an aside: the flag belonged to Alx.)

downtown guy said...

More importantly, how did it look on Alx?