May 22, 2010

Toothbrushes have been Modernized

I don't think you could physically cross toothbrushes like this, but I really like how it looks.

Dr. West's ad in Saturday Evening Post
from Duke University Library


Ms. Moon said...

Picking out a toothbrush now is impossible. It's like what they've done with sneakers. And here- this is where it started! Dang. Cool ad though.

downtown guy said...

I just pick the best looking one. That's probably why I have crappy teeth.

Steph(anie) said...

I just use what my dentist gives me and then I don't get a new one until I go back 6 months later. So far so good.

My kids? Not so much. Their teeth will put me in the poor house.

downtown guy said...

I don't want to admit how long I go between dentist visits.