May 2, 2010

four boys riding goats

Now that just looks like fun. 

Isisford, Australia


Mrs. Hall said...

I think you had asked which photos we liked/didn't like. I pretty much like them all, they are unique and your commentary makes them that much more fun.


no penises please.

cause really, not attractive.

female nudity is still good though.

just giving you my input ;)

Ms. Moon said...

Well. Would that include goat penises?
Hey! I like these kids on the goats. We need to get Owen a goat to ride of maybe his Pop-Pop would make him a little goat cart.

downtown guy said...

Mrs. Hall: I appreciate the input, I really do. But parts is parts, you know?

Mama: do you think they neighbors would let Owen hook up a cart to one of the goaks?

Ms. Moon said...

No. Well. Maybe. But I just don't want to get into that conversation.

downtown guy said...

It would either have to be the big goak or two of the little ones.

Steph(anie) said...

Goats for Owen!!!