April 18, 2010

Up River

Their tent is a mast and sail - I wonder where they left their boat. The fellow on the left looks a little like my father - I wonder if we are related.

Shoalhaven River
from Powerhouse Museum


Steph(anie) said...

Using this as a prompt for a backstory could make for a good creative writing assignment.

downtown guy said...

True. There are certainly plenty of details to run with.

May said...

He does look like dad. Did you notice the socks behind him? It's the socks that make me think that this is not a staged picture. Do you think they are shipwrecked? If so, I'm glad the camera survived. I wonder what the photographer looked like. I bet he had a mustache.

downtown guy said...

I don't think they are shipwrecked, I think they are camping. Possibly hunting? Or fishing? And the plan all along was to use the mast and sail. See the camp stove behind them? This was a planned trip.

Agreed about the photog's mustache.