April 17, 2010

Fully Dressed

Just the thing for the well dressed upper crust.

from BBC News


Ms. Moon said...

Why were they putting little bitty coffee filters on their snooty noses?

downtown guy said...

Flu epidemic in the 1920s. Wouldn't do to have the well dressed catch a common disease like that!

honeyluna said...

I think that flu epidemic did kill quite a few folks, but I don't know if wearing a duck bill was worth it or not. I guess they look pretty snazzy still.

honeyluna said...

Actually, it looks more like a coffee filter/dog snout. I wonder if they could open their mouths. It looks too small to be doing that.

downtown guy said...

I was wondering about the mouth thing, too. Also, you know when they took them off they had weird lines around their noses and across their chins.