April 21, 2010

Curiosity killed the cat,

but satisfaction brought it back.

Quick question: which pictures have been your favorites so far?


Steph(anie) said...

I started poking around and making a list, but it quickly became clear that my list, if complete, would be rediculously long. So... my favorites from last month.

still, life. At once cute and morbid.

Robot House. I have a thing for houses. Abandoned houses kill me a little. Someone cared enough to move this one.

That's the beauty of the collection you have here. It reads like a biography of interests and curiousities.

Erwin Magritte said...

Hello. The favorites from what I remember:
"Hilarity" - it had some genuine sadness in it.
"Emancipated women" - the fact that it was all set (so they would get out of town and drink beer just for a man to take a photo) just underlines the importance of them being emancipated. Which adds so much value to it :)
"lay down some bottom" - I'm not sure why. Probably it tells a story, but what photograph doesn't?

And the Houdini one.

Oh, and because I am writing a comment, I should say that I really like the way the formatting of the RSS feed.

And thank you for what you do. :)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

The lady and the large cat on the sofa. Definitely.

I dig cats!

downtown guy said...

Steph: seeing an old house taken down is like watching art destroyed. I hate it.

And I was just talking the other day about the fact that you could look through this blog and know a whole lot about what interests me. Pirates, women with guns, science fiction - I didn't know I was so likely to pick pictures of hats, though!

downtown guy said...

Hi, Erwin Magritte, thanks for commenting. Hilarity is one I keep going back to. You don't even need his story written out, it's just right there to be seen.

Glad you like the Houdini one, too. There are tons of publicity shots of him around, but it was cool to find an action photo.

downtown guy said...

SB: you just want your neck bit.

Ms. Moon said...

I really cannot choose. I still adore the scuba-diver. But there are so many wonderful ones. Some make me laugh, some make me sad. Some just make me wonder WTF?
The eyes of little children.
The sweet absurdity of Dr. Goat
Women on their own, having fun.
Men on their own, having fun.
I am just so glad you do this blog.

downtown guy said...

I almost forgot Dr. Goat! That was a good one.

I just have a really good time doing this. I mean, hell, the internet is chock full of interesting things to look at. Might as well point a few out.