March 16, 2010

Music in his Mouth

I dig this the same way I dig tattoos done inside someone's bottom lip. A hidden mark of pride and strength.

Mance Lipscomb at the Beloit Blues Festival
1970, photographer Archie Green
from The Southern Folklife Collection


B.E. Earl said...


honeyluna said...

I am confused by this. Is that a guitar tattoo on the roof of his mouth?

honeyluna said...

OK, I just went to the site; it's a guitar set into his dentures, which makes more sense.

If I had dentures, I would want the same thing.

Steph(anie) said...

I had the same question as honeyluna. Very cool.

downtown guy said...

I like to encourage y'all to explore the original link.

Ms. Moon said...

Praise god which is the guitar for this man.