March 8, 2010

chimp and child

Differences and similarities. Fat little feet or grabbing toe fingers, we are close enough cousins to hold each other as babies.

American Museum of Natural History
1933, photographer H.C. Raven
from Yale


B.E. Earl said...

Sure, they're cute and everything. Until one rips your face off! (Why do they always go after the face?)

downtown guy said...

Because they don't like you starin' at 'em.

Steph(anie) said...

I really liked this one til I read BE Earl's comment. Thanks a lot ;)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I dig this. What a great find!

Love you.

downtown guy said...

Pretty much any kid/chimp photo is worth posting.

Ms. Moon said...

You posted this one for me. I know you did.
Today Waylon grabbed me on the neck with such strong pincer-fingers that I told him he was like a chimp baby, riding on his mother's back.
At young ages, we are the same, chimps and us. I do believe that.
I love this picture. Thank-you.

downtown guy said...

Waylon does have a hell of a grip. He got me by the sideburns the other day.