February 9, 2010

Umbrella Rock

Know what's keeping that rock from just sliding on back down the mountain? Nothing. Or maybe some science magic hybrid spawned from that man's bowtie.

Rock City, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee
from Bamagirl7's flickr stream


Ms. Moon said...

I wonder where on Lookout Mountain this is? I don't remember it. Those ladies have their legs nicely crossed at the ankles as they have been taught to do. I find this lovely.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh! Rock City! Maybe I DO remember it. I seriously doubt they let you get on it anymore though. Seriously doubt it.

downtown guy said...

The person that put it online said: "There seems to be a whole lot of people who have this shot in their family albums. They were all taken from the same angle, and they were taken from the 1890's until the 1930's. I wish I knew the story behind that." So that's probably when Rock City shut down that little posing idea.

Steph(anie) said...

I just peed my pants. NO THANK YOU.

downtown guy said...

I should add a "hell no" tag.