February 10, 2010

all the pretty colors

Did you ever play SimCity, back in the day? That's exactly what this looks like to me.

Amarillo, Texas
from the Amarillo Public Library


Steph(anie) said...

I could never decide if I was too geeky or not geeky enough to play Sims.

I like the colors.

downtown guy said...

Well, SimCity was sort of geeky, but nothing like the current sims games. I mean, it was just about laying out a city and trying not to have giant traffic jams.

Laura Lee said...

It's a ploy to get people to come there... I've been, and it's nothing like THAT I tell you what... more like, -has anyone seen the movie U-Turn?

downtown guy said...

No, but there's nowhere in Texas that I feel I need to visit, no matter how colorful their postcards are.