January 6, 2010

passing the antler

How long do you have to hang out naked before you get this comfortable with it?

Presidential Elections of the American Sunbathing Association
1957, photographer Ed Lange
from eFanzines.com


Ms. Moon said...

I am very confused.
1. Person on left. ???
2. Welcome American Sunbathing Association, yes, I get THAT but
3. Coroners and Public Administrators?

Seriously. What planet was the picture taken on?

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I guess if I looked that good nekkid, I'd be okay with it.

Laura Lee said...

approximately 3.75 hours, it's a fact. +o)

downtown guy said...

Mama, here's what I've got: "Stan Sohler being passed the antler-horn gavel after being elected president of the American Sunbathing Association."

SB: I think a lot of people look better nekkid than in the clothes they pick out.

LL: 'Cause knowledge is power!

May said...

That lady aint got no titties.

downtown guy said...

If you look at her for a while, her body becomes vaguely reptile-like.