December 29, 2009

Calm seas, Knut.

As I've posted before, in 1947, 6 men built a balsa wood raft and sailed across the Pacific Ocean. For 101 days, 6 men lived at water level, fished, maintained their small craft, told stories, and probably wished for a good steak and a shower. The last of those men, Knut Haugland, died on December 25 at 92 years old. Steady wind, Knut, and I hope you make landfall safe again this time.

The Kon-Tiki, somewhere in the Pacific
1947, Getty Images


May said...

I don't really have a comment, I just want to say thanks for sharing this. I would never have known about Knut and his adventure friends. You are a story keeper.

downtown guy said...

I just realized, I didn't say on here that this was the Kon-Tiki. You really didn't read that book?

Ms. Moon said...

That book informed my childhood. I swear, it made me see life in such a different way. Thanks for the picture.

downtown guy said...

I like how close to the water level they are in this one.