November 23, 2009

colors not found in nature

I feel like this is the cheesiest picture I've posted up; it might as well be a postcard or a trashy novel cover. The thing is, this is honestly what many Florida sunsets look like, all pink and orange and water and palms and Spanish moss in the oak trees. Trade out buildings and a parking lot for the river? bay? inlet? there, and you've got the sunsets I can see from my porch every evening it isn't raining. Looks fake, is real: the secret of Florida's success, right up until Disney twisted that.

Welaka, Florida
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from Welaka Lodge


Sarcastic Bastard said...

It's cheesy beautiful. I love it. Spanish moss is my favorite parasite.

SB loves you too!

Ms. Moon said...

I've seen hundreds of sunsets like this. And people wonder why we love Florida.

downtown guy said...

Oaks and palms and the sun going down. I don't think I could trade it for anything at this point.

May said...

I truly love my state.