November 16, 2009

Clarence Clemons & Bruce Springsteen, sitting in a tree...

Have you ever seen a Springsteen concert live?
I've seen two and at both of them, Bruce and his massive horn player, Clarence Clemons have kissed each other on the lips. It's rather shocking the first time you see it because these are two obviously extremely, well, men who like women a LOT and yet, when they kiss it is with great passion and bravado, great energy and obvious love.

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LA, California
1985, photographer Neal Preston


Ms. Moon said...

Thank-you. I'm glad you like that one.

May said...

I love seeing straight men kiss just because they love each other that much. Today at work one of the guys hugged one of the other guys from the back because they are such good friends. I said, "Now kiss!" all excited, but they did not.

Ms. Moon said...

Because they're not as cool as Bruce and Clarence.

May said...

You are so right.