November 3, 2009

Buddha drive by

Assignment: write a story about this photo in 4 lines or less.

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from signs and wonders's flickr stream


B.E. Earl said...

How about a haiku?

Rockin' cat's eye glasses
Rugrats not allowed in front
Buddha shines approval

Ms. Moon said...

I missed the Buddha
Listening to children cry
For a place to pee

Tiff said...

I left the bastard
took all his money
Buddha made me do it
a'int adultery funny?

downtown guy said...

I love you guys.

leilalatex said...

I adore this photo.

downtown guy said...

It doesn't seem real.

May said...

Sherilee told me I had to lay off the pork cracklins and the beers cause my gut was getting bigger'en Buddha's. She got a picture of herself and the kids in the car in front of that damn statue and stuck in it my lunchbox. Every time I look at it I think she sure is pretty, but it aint that big.